Terms & Conditions

By making a booking with Real Images Photography you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. If a shoot is cancelled within 24hrs of the scheduled time, a $60 cancellation fee will be charged to the booker.
  2. If a specific angle or room is needed this must be brought to the attention of the photographer upon booking or on site. If we have to revisit the property to attain this shot a $60 call out fee will be charged.
  3. There is a limit as to what and where the photographer will move in a room. This will be discussed upon booking or on site with the agent/home owner. If the agent or home owner is not present the photographer will use his/her discretion as to what is moved around.
  4. All photos will be delivered via an online delivery system by 12pm the following day.
  5. Floor Plans will be delivered by 4pm the following day.
  6. Video Tours will be delivered within 48hours.
  7. If there are dangerous animals on site the photographer will use his/her discretion as to how close they go to obtain the shot. If the photographer has to come back to the property once the animal is removed a $60 call out fee will be charged.
  8. The agent or home owner has 7 days to query any shot that they are not happy with. If it is agreed by the photographer that there was an error, he/she will return on an agreed time and retake the shot with no extra charge. If, however, it is after this 7 day period a $60 call out fee will be charged.
  9. The fee charged is a licensing fee and not an ownership fee. Real Images remains the owner of all images unless otherwise stated. This is a one time fee used to market the house by a single agent and cannot be used by subsequent agents or sellers.