Property Presentation

This page is designed to help you help yourself.

By taking 45mins and going through your house you may add thousands of $’s to your end settlement price.


  • Beds made
  • Bedside tables free of personal belongings (Radio clocks, phone chargers, tissue boxes)


  • All toiletries removed from sinks and showers (Soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc)
  • Shower glass and mirrors cleaned
  • Floor mats removed. Toilet seat down


  • Fridge magnets removed
  • Bins removed
  • Dishes put away and dish racks removed
  • Bench space cleaned and open

Living Spaces

  • TV remotes hidden
  • Couches free of personal belongings
  • Electrical leads and wires from gaming consoles hidden
  • Remove any general objects that make the space smaller (i.e. Tread mills, exercise balls)

Entertaining areas

  • Tables clear of clutter
  • BBQ cover off no matter how good or bad the BBQ
  • All pet belongings removed(beds water dishes toys)


  • A crystal clear pool always looks better!
  • Remove ‘creepy crawly’ from pool as well as any pool toys

Yard Area

  • Grass mowed
  • Gardens tidy
  • Trees and hedgers trimmed where they obstruct a view or the house
  • Children’s bikes and toys removed. Trampolines and swings are ok to leave


  • Removal of any personal items or photos you do not wished photographed

Some of these things may sound small and insignificant however lots of small things make one big thing. We want to show off your property as best as we possibly can with great photos!

Printable Presentation Tips Checklist

Thank you in advance and look forward to meeting you at our appointment